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Electroacupuncture Stimulates Stem Cells to Repair Tissue

The Point Holistic provides electroacupuncture for its patients

ElectroAcupuncture is the application of low-current electricity to acupuncture needles inserted in specific points. This treatment method is widely used by acupuncturists for many conditions, including (but not limited to) injury, arthritis, or joint damage. In my experience, Electroacupuncture (or E-Stim) is highly effective at amplifying the effects of acupuncture for tissue repair and pain. I have treated many patients with joint damage this way successfully and have even had delighted patients cancel scheduled surgery. Maybe this is why:

In this recent study led by the Indiana School of Medicine, evidence was revealed that demonstrated how electroacupuncture stimulates the brain to promote and facilitate the release of stem cells into the bloodstream to actually repair the damaged tissue! Their finding was published this year, on March 16 in the Journal of Stem Cell. Read more about it here:

Looking to find holistic modalities to eliminate inflammation, aches, pains, and discomfort? ElectroAcupuncture is very safe and effective way to boost the impacts of traditional acupuncture.

Feel free to call me to ask any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation. Our number at the office is 407-948-0478.


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