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My Story


Karla is a Licensed  Acupuncturist and is nationally recognized as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM.  She is nationally certified in Chinese Herbal Formulation.  Karla earned her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and Bachelors in Health Sciences from Florida College of Integrative Medicine.


Your body has an innate intelligence to heal and balance itself.  However when factors such as stress, diet, illness and other pathogenic factors affect it, sometimes it needs help restoring that balance.  Acupuncture and herbal therapy are powerful tools used to redirect, disperse and nourish body, mind and spirit.  It addresses the symptoms of disease as well as the root cause.   I treat adults, children and teens. 

I am passionate about helping my clients become more empowered in their journey to health!


My office is located in Oviedo, Florida, central to East Orlando, Casselberry, Oviedo, Lake Mary, and Sanford.  Treatments include acupuncture, traditional fire cupping, Chinese Herbal Formulas, diet counseling, E-Stim (gentle electric stimulation of acupuncture points), and Moxibustion. I also utilize Bio-Magnetic pair Therapy (by Dr. Isaac Goiz), and Emotion Code (for releasing emotional patterns). 




Back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, pain from trauma and accidents

Chronic Pain Management


Bells Palsy, Post stroke sequela


Headaches, dizziness, and vertigo


Digestive issues including acid reflux and IBS, nausea

Cancer care (as an adjunctive therapy)


Anxiety, depression and other emotional issues

Women’s gynecological health  - cysts, fibroids, PMS, excessive menstrual bleeding or irregular cycles


STDs and urinary tract infection

High Blood Pressure


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