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At The Point, we offer Oviedo's top cupping, dry needling, and acupuncture services.  We take pride in providing children, teens, and adults with a vast range of effective modalities to assist one's body in creating balance in order to reduce pain and inflammation so each system can function optimally. If you are experiencing migraines, joint or back pain, digestion concerns or other health related issues, our services will help restore balance within your system. Use the link below to give us a call. 

The Point Holistic Health Offers Acupuncture for chronic pain, migraine relief, digestion support, and more.


Acupuncture is a wellness modality often referred to as alternative medicine where practitioners insert thin needles into one's body to restore balance and flow between the body's meridians and overall body systems to restore and repair one's health.


Cupping Therapy

One of our most popular services is Cupping therapy, a form of ancient medicine in which therapists use particular cups on one's skin to create a suction. This therapeutic treatment helps our patients with pain, reducing inflammation, normalizing blood flow, inducing relaxation and supporting overall wellness.

Estim service


E-Stim, also known as electrical stimulation, is a device that sends mild electrical frequencies into acupuncture points or trigger points to stimulate the action of those points or tissues. It can be extremely beneficial in healing, reducing pain, and is comfortable.

The Point Holistic Health Offers moxibustion for chronic pain, migraine relief, digestion support, and more.


Moxibustion is a well-known component of traditional Chinese medicine where one burns dried mugwort on specified areas of the body in order to stimulate organs and body systems. It is also used to reduce pain and inflammation within the body.

Bio-magnetic pair therapy is a great modality used by Dr. Karla Barbera to restore balance within the body

Pair Therapy

This holistic modality is used to enhance an acupuncture treatment. It can reduce inflammation and pain and restore the balance of electrons through certain pathways and tissues. This particular method was discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz. 

The Point Holistic Health Offers services for pain management, anxiety, and women's health

B12 & Homeopathic Traumeel Injections

We offer B12 and Homeopathic Traumeel injections.  B12 supports immune function, energy, mood balance and many other functions.  Traumeel is a German homeopathic that is very useful for pain and inflammation.

Micro needling

Micro Needling

MicroNeedling is a procedure that stimulates collagen synthesis in the face and neck. It also increases circulation to these tissues. Used to lift, tighten and brighten the skin.  Lidocaine cream is used for comfort before the procedure.  Hyuralonic acid with herbal botanicals are also applied. 

Chinese Herbal Therapy is offered at The Point Holisitic Health

Chinese Herbal Therapy

 Eastern Medicine is well known for the targeted effects of their herbal medicine.  Whether you're reducing effects of stress and anxiety, balancing hormones or working to reduce neck pain, there are formulas to address many issues

Dr. Karla Barbera provides diet counseling for patients to up-level their health and their gut

Diet Counseling

Our nutrition and eating habits play a massive role in overall health and wellness. With our busy lifestyles and so many choices it is hard to discern what is best.  I help my patients with food choices to achieve our wellness goals

If you are having any issues we can support you with, please do not hesitate to call.

We will be happy to assist you.


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