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Karla provided me with all the help and guidance I needed to get through my battle with Plantar Fasciitis without surgery or steroids.  By exploring the whole being, and not just my feet, she discovered needs I didn’t know I had.  Through a combination of several different types of treatment, ranging from acupuncture and magnet treatments to herbal supplements and more, Karla was able to bring me relief in a way I didn’t know was possible. During the process she was discovered and addressed other problems I had that I wasn’t aware of. 


Karla’s approach is professional, supportive, and realistic.  She provides complete care, which includes recommendations for home care and herbal supplements if necessary.  She understands that treatments must be livable, and that each patient has a different lifestyle to accommodate. Her home care recommendations are realistic; I was able to stick with them for the suggested amount of time.  I appreciate her professionalism and unique talents, and highly recommend that anyone visit her before exploring invasive or chemical remedies.


~Andrea J.


On the first day of treatment, my wife and I were both very nervous, skeptical, but also kept an open mind. She had been suffering from Bell's Palsy for a few months already, and it seemed like it was getting worst as time went on. Hence, we had questions about the acupuncture treatment.


The acupuncture treatment was every week. And every week, we can see an improvement. It's now 3 months after her first treatment. My wife and I are both very pleased to say that she is almost healed. We are a believer of this method and highly recommend it to someone who is suffering from this illness.


 - Jesus


Karla is an amazing and very knowledgeable acupuncturist. She really took a personal interest in my health and made me feel very comfortable talking about how emotions connect with our physical health. I not only received professional treatment but also left every session with better knowledge and understanding of myself. In addition to being professional, Karla is a very warm and caring person. She took time to get to know more about my personal life in order to better understand my overall health. I know that I'm being treated individually and carefully according to my needs. A session with her is a truly healing experience.


 -Brooke Y.


My 13 year old son has an extremely rare syndrome that has affected his entire body.  He is unable to regulate lymphatic fluid in his body which causes excess fluid on his brain resulting in daily headaches and nausea.  He also has epilepsy, asthma, and an underlying immune system deficiency.   Dr. Karla Barbera has helped him tremendously in regulating the fluid in his body.   He no longer has headaches or nausea.  She has helped build his lungs and immune system making him free from any respiratory illness for the past two years.  This is tremendous as he is very prone to illness that often results in pneumonia.  Not only is Dr. Barbera an amazing acupuncturist, she is able to relate to my son on his level and explains everything she is doing to him so he is comfortable with the treatments.   It has been life changing for my son who before beginning treatments with Dr. Barbera who was unable to walk even short distances because of his headaches and nausea.   My son has very complex issues and she has improved his quality of life.  I would highly recommend Dr. Barbera for anyone struggling with a chronic illness.  She is truly amazing and we feel very blessed to have her! 


- Ann (mom of child with chronic illness)


"My daughter began experiencing anxiety at night after an alarm woke us all in the middle of the night. Weeks later she would still wake up multiple times and have stress at bedtime each night. The only way she would sleep was if I slept on a mattress  next to her bed. Dr. Barbera was able to treat her and gave us recommendations for follow up. The very next night she slept 10 hours and within a couple of weeks told me she didn't need me to sleep in her room anymore. We are all grateful and I would trust her with any member of my family!  Whenever I have an issue or illness of any type now, my first thought is now to see her rather than run to a clinic. Thank you, Dr. Barbera!"


- Concerned Mom

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